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Behind the meter energy systems

Product Development Consulting

Equipped with a collective experience of around 80+ years in power electronics product development industry and with access to state of the art test and measuring equipment, our team provides an end-to- end service for our customers. We follow a stage gate product development process and provide customers an option to choose what all services are needed. All the IP generated belongs to our customer and in case any of our existing IP which is used will be cross licensed along with the solution.

Stage gate product development process involves dividing the entire process into multiple tangible tasks and deliverables. At the end of each stage, the tasks and deliverables will be vetted with the customer and signed off before moving to next stage. An example of the activities involved in each stage and the outputs against it are tabulated below,
Stage 1
Product Brief
Customer Specification
Hardware Specification
Software Specification
UI Specification
Software Algorithm
Hierarchical BOM
Testing new concepts and documenting the tests
Mechanicals - Concept sketches
FMEA Document
Product variant brief
Solution Option sheet

Outputs in Stage 1
Product Brief
Customer Specification
Hardware Specification
Software Specification
UI Specification
Software Algorithm
Block Diagram
Simple Costed BOM
Mechanical sketches
Documentation of new concepts
Stage 2
Review of all spec
Test Plan
Specification verification
Document update
Mechanicals X1
FMEA revision
Check for alignment with Mission and Vision
DVT Plan
Design Packaging and enclosure
Check for form fit and function
EMI/Safety Pre-compliance
Thermal test plan

Outputs in Stage 2
PCB Files
Test Plan
Spec Verification Report
Mechanical drawings
DVT Plan
Packing and enclosure design
EMI/Safety agency brief
Thermal test report
Hierarchical BOM
Stage 3
RPD Casing
Assembly of 3 - 10 units
Field Test Plan
Data Management Plan
Review of all documentation
Update Mechanical drawings
Consult with tool makers
DVT, reliability test and documentation
EMI/ Safety compliance
Update enclosure, packaging materials
Consult with EMS partner

Outputs in Stage 3
Field Test plan
Data Management plan
Tool Drawings
Field test results
DVT report
Reliability report
CE, RE, CS, RS compliance report
Safety compliance report
DFM Report
DFT Report
Stage 4
Beta testing plan
Failure Analysis plan
MTBF Demonstration test
User manual
Service manual
Design manual
Design Agency stickers
Prepare notes for NPD. Make lessons learned document
Release PCB, BOM, Drawings, Test results
Release for production
Release printing and packing
Quality control plan

Outputs in Stage 4
Beta Release test plan
FA Plan
MTBF test plan
User Manual
Installation manual
Service Manual
Design manual
Agency stickers
Lessons learned document
NPD Notes

Team Capabilities:

  1. Product definition, generating options,
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Low Volume Prototyping,
  4. Cost Reduction
  5. DFX,
  6. Handholding EMS partners
  7. Pilot Testing
  8. Compliance (UL, ATEX, CE, VDE, METI, C-Tick, BIS, EN, IECEx, IEC, CISPR, CB Reports),
  9. Product lifecycle management and line extensions.


  1. Analog, digital and power electronics
  2. Firmware development
  3. Hardware in loop simulation
  4. Wireless
  5. Sensor integration
  6. Battery management,
  7. High reliability electronics, algorithms and test development.Separate division for mobile app development, user interface development, software
    development, cloud, server and IoT


Comprehensive engineering facility with high-end equipment.
List of major equipment infrastructure can be downloaded here