The next gen high efficiency Solar UPS. Released in two variants for residential use. iCUBE 1000 & iCUBE 200

Designed for efficiency

All electrical and mechanical design elements converge in iCUBE to deliver maximum efficiency in energy delivery.

State of art enclosure design

Sleek and modular design for product enclosure. Unique RGB LED & LCD for device status indication


Device stays connected to cloud via Wi-Fi or personal hotspot. Real time update of solar generation and battery status via Mobile App/UI.

Remote maintenance

Remote troubleshooting and service based on real time device data

32029 [Converted]

Future ready infrastructure

iCUBE can be connected to Lithium or any new advanced battery chemistries

Technical Specifications
Specification Parameter iCUBE 1000 iCUBE 2000
System Voltage 12 24
O/P Power Max (W) 700 1400
Surge Capacity (%) 150 150
Peak Efficiency Battery to Load (%) 90+ 93+
Mains Charging Voltage (V) and Current (A) 120V to 270V, 7 A (Normal Factory Setting)
Mains Charging Method Four Stage
Standby Power Consumption (W) 2.5 2.5
Preferred Solar Power Max (W) 660 1240
Solar V Max (V) 25 50
Solar I Max (A) 40 40
Battery Charging Current Max (A) 25 (settable from server)
Solar Charger Efficiency (%) 98+ 98+
Solar Utilization Algorithm Metaheuristic with AI, NyQuest Proprietary
Lithium Battery Compatible Yes
Web Server Connectivity Through Wi-Fi
User Interface Mobile application and Web Interface
Indicator LCD and RGB LED Ring
Battery Equalisation Provided
Solar +, Solar – 40A Terminal Block
Battery +, Battery –  16mm² Cable with Ring Tag 
AC IN 6A Cord 16A Cord
Solar & Battery Breaker/Fuse Fuse on Board
Surge Protection Solar Side Surge Protection Device Provided
Output waveform (backup) Sinewave
Output voltage & frequency (backup) 230V+/- 2%, 50Hz
Protections Overload, Short Circuit, Battery Low, AC High, Solar High Current, Over Temperature, Hardware Watchdog, Data Encryption, Surge Protection, EMI Filter  
Dimensions and Weight LxBxH: 405mm x 210mm x197mm , 15.8kg LxBxH: 405mm x 210mm x197mm , 19.3kg
Warranty 2 Years return to base warranty
Reference Load Chart
iCUBE 1000
Appliances No of Appliances used 
Scenario 1 Scenario 2
LED TV 40″ + STB 120W 1 1
LED Bulb 9W 4 6
LED Tube Light 24W 2 4
Ceiling Fans 75W 2 4
Total Watts [Consumption]

354 570
Recommended battery options and backup time at

50% load (354W) 80% load (570W)
Battery [Ah]

150    150 
Backup [ In Minutes]

240 140
iCUBE 2000
Appliances No of Appliances used
Scenario 1 Scenario 2
LED TV 40″ + STB 120W 1 1
LED Bulb 9W 6 4
LED Tube Light 24W 4 2
Fans 6 3
Refrigerator [300 Ltr] 1 1
Washing machine 350W 0 1
Total Watts [Consumption] 720 1129
Recommended battery options and backup time at 50% load (720W) 80% load (1129W)
Battery [Ah] 150 200 150 200
Backup [In Minutes] 240 320 100 140

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